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Joseph J. Bell
A lawyer for over 32 years, my primary area of practice is family law for which I was first certified as a specialist by the State Bar of California on March 18, 1995. I have handled hundreds of custody, visitation and support matters, as well as juvenile dependency matters. I also emphasize preventative family law: living together, partnership and pre-marital agreements, remedial action to effect reconciliations and alternate dispute resolution, including mediation, of personal disputes. In addition, my practice includes general civil litigation, environmental and land use litigation and resolution of personal and small business disputes, including some personal injury cases. I have served as mediator, arbitrator and pro tem judge in family law and civil matters. I have substantial experience in personal injury/tort actions arising out of personal relations. I have also litigated employment disputes including wrongful termination and harassment claims, and land use/environmental law issues.  Please also read my bio and my resume.
Dee Murphy
Dee Murphy is Mr. Bell's legal secretary/assistant. Dee assists Mr. Bell and the firm's clients with the legal process. Her work includes calendaring, drafting of documents, assisting with the discovery process, word processing and court filing.  
Linda Thorn
Linda Thorn, our part-time finance manager, performs all bookkeeping and accounting tasks for the Law Office of Joseph J. Bell. She manages the details of our client trust accounts and produces the monthly billing statements using TimeSlips software. 




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Certified Family Law Specialist

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California State Bar Number 92093

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